Exploring human consciousness and the universal—micro and macro—through balance and chaos.

Working at chashama studio at Brooklyn Army Terminal

Working at chashama studio at Brooklyn Army Terminal

"Through my work I process and make sense of a vast data input in a disconnected information age where I grope for deeper meaning and to feel whole and safe. I’m fascinated by the farthest reaches of distant galaxies, and how the tiniest particles and waves in the natural world are distilled by science into mathematics. I am awed at the discovery by quantum physicists that consciousness is the ground of all being. My investigation of these sources of inspiration appears in my work through expressionistic light and luminous color, violently splattered and softly sprayed paint, liquid drips, and photo transfers and collaged flotsam and jetsam as a reminder of our media reality. Balanced geometric line drawings on multiple interplaying panels, weave their message, forming a cohesive whole of separate parts where I begin to see the unity of all things. The paintings I make juxtapose geometric symbols of ancient human cultures—the sacred geometries of circles—in an examination of current neuroscience, advanced physics, archeology, cultural anthropology, mysticism, dream and meditation space and the residue of daily life in our contemporary society. In my work I recognize an inner reality within a very large cosmic reality and I explore human consciousness in the micro-macro  universes, balancing the wild and chaotic with the serenity and peace I seek.


Born in Morristown, NJ, I have a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and an MFA in Painting from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. In the 1980s I participated in the community mural movement in NY, painting several large public murals in NYC and elsewhere. I have worked as a photojournalist, a graphic designer and a designer of projected images for theater. Currently I live in Brooklyn where I have a studio residency award with chashama.org at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. 

In addition to my artistic career, I practice and teach hands-on energy healing work, frequently traveling to Central and South America with the humanitarian group Healer2Healer.org. The group exchanges knowledge with indigenous Maya and Amazonian populations, training them in running acupuncture and Reiki clinics. She has trained an autonomous group of Mayan women in the mountains of Guatemala to the Master level of Reiki. Now these women use Reiki to heal and train their own community. My work as a healer has greatly effected my painting.


Excerpt from a review for “Presences of Mind” May 2016 by Charles Frederick

"Reed’s canvases deploy exquisitely precise sacred geometries of circles (some of this knowledge in historical retrieval) and exact linear intersections, clear guardians awaiting acceptance. These lines and two-dimensioned underlying and overlying geometries offer routes through ecstasy and the pilgrim’s healing journey, connected and broken over a series of paintings, often almost a mysteriously drawn appearance on sensually arresting fields of color, windswept apart and towards one another, in a paradox of interruption by separation of canvases, while appearing as though they don’t end, in a continuity of eternity, and are following through in a universe beyond (for example) a triptych of paintings where they appear.  Cosmic wind, the perceptible sensual, vividly mundane experience, order discerned, textures, tactile representation, sometimes small texts in completely unexpected insistent appearance,  also (everything) growing out of, or already “squarely” positioned in this mysterious but rational cosmos we will learn to trust, and which we can see, once portrayed in such sensual form, the flat geometries responsible for such volumes of depth". 



2016    Presences of Mind. Curated by Charles Frederick with artist Jennie Booth. Soap Box Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2014    Patterns of Perfection. Curated by Pamela Jean Tinnen with artist Atanaska Tassart, Art at First Gallery, New York, NY.

2006    When Women Pursue Justice. Featured portrait of Fannie Lou Hamer, Mural organized by Artmaker’s Inc. with Jane Weissman and

           Janet Braun-Reinitz, depicting hundreds of women activists on wall in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY.

1991    Firmitas Per Populum: Strength Through People. 40’ x 80’ Mural commissioned by Erie Art Museum & Public Art Committee in Erie, PA.

1991    Paintings by Artist-In-Residence Kristin Reed. One-person exhibition at The Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA.

1990    Political Lanscape Mural. Collaboration with muralist, Eva Cockcroft on Tilles Center at C.W.Post Campus, LIU, Brookville, NY.

1989    Who Can Stop the Developing Invasion. Billboard at The Gas Station/Space 2B, Lower East Side, NYC.

1988    They Distract & Confuse Us with Drugs & TV. Billboard at The Gas Station/Space 2B, Lower East Side, NYC..

1987    The Extinction of the Guinea Pig: Metro Bus Show. Travelling bus posters and concurrent one-person exhibit at CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY.

1987    Who Are the Terrorists. Printed Matter, NYC. Installation curated by Lucy Lippard. Text by James Traub.

1988    Underground Art: Artmakers/MTA Creative Stations. Directed project to create a gallery space in the Broadway/Lafayette subway station, NYC.

1986    The Enchanted Garden. A mural collaboration with artist Robin Michals for ArtMakers, Inc, East 4th Street, NYC.

1985    The Last Judgement. A mural collaboration with artist Robin Michals for ArtMakers project "The Struggle Continues," a project of 24 mural paintings organized by Eva Cockcroft and ARTMAKERS on the Lower East Side at the Plaza Cultural, East 8th Street, NYC.



2016   If You Can't Afford to Live Here, Mo-o-ove!. Curated by Martha Rosler. Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY.

2016   If You Lived Here Still. Curated by Yoko Ott for Martha Rosler's project "Housing is a Human Right", The New Foundation, Seattle, WA.

2015   Un Seul Grain de Riz. Juried small works curated by Marc Higonet, Galerie Metanoia, Paris, France.

2015    Sculpture & Object 2015: Brooklyn2Bratislava. An International annual exhibition of sculpture curated by Victor Hulik, Galeria Statua, Bratislava, Slovakia.

2015    Not Yet. On the Reinvention of Documentary & the Critique of Modernism. Curated by Jorge Ribalta, Reina Sofia Musem, Madrid, Spain.

2015    GIRLS. Curated by Ellen Colcord, Rogue Space Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY.

2015    Access Art. Curated by Reginald Douglass, The Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2014    Selected Chashama Studio Artists. Curated by Katie Fischer, Condé Nast Lobby Gallery at 4 Times Sq, New York, NY.

2014    Earth Water Fire Air: Our World in Abstract. Curated Christine Cote, Still Point Art Gallery, Brunswick, ME.

2014    The Metro Show. Jurors Franc Palaia, Kara Rooney and Rebecca Jampol, City Without Walls Gallery, Newark, NJ and traveling.

2014    See|Me. Art projected on buildings at Times Sq, New York, NY.

2013    Curate NYC 2013: Top 150. Curated by Danny Simmons and Brian Tate, Rush Arts Gallery, New York, NY.

2013    Curate NYC 2013. Curated by Janusz Jaworski, Condé Nast Building at 4 Times Square, New York, NY.

2013    Potluck Situation. Curated by Alicia DeBrincat, Chashama Pop-up Gallery, Open Studios at The Brooklyn Army Terminal, Brooklyn, NY.

2013    Creatives Rising. Curated by See|Me, See|Me Exhibition Space, Long Island City, NY.

2013    Abstract America. Curated by Rebecca Wilson of Saatchi Gallery, London; Saatchi Online Gallery.

2013    SCOPE NY 2013. Chashama Booth; Scope Art Fair, NYC.

2012    The Shift: Art & Spirit. Curated by Kristin Reed; The Knox Gallery, Harlem, NYC.

2012    SCOPE NY 2012. Chashama Booth; Scope Art Fair, NYC.

2012    The Spirit of Geometry. Curated by Artes Group, Kurier Plus Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2011    Small Works at Chashama Open Studios. Curated by Kristin Reed; Pop-Up Gallery at Chashama Brooklyn Army Terminal, Brooklyn, NY.

2010    Water’s Edge: 12 Artists from The Brooklyn Army Terminal. Curated by Kristin Reed; 461 Gallery, Harlem, NYC.

2010    Arizona: NY Artists Respond to the Immigration Issue. Curated by Andrea Arroyo; Grady Alexis Gallery, NYC.

2010    Word Up! Art Works Inspired by Words—Spoken or Written. Curated by Ramona Candy; St. Joseph’s College Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2009    Then & Now: An Exhibition Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of The Center Show. Curated by Nancy Spero and Robert Storr, 

LGBT Community Center, NYC.

1994    The Realm of the Coin: Money in Contemporary Art. Curated by Barbara Collier, opened at Emily Lowe Gallery, Hofstra Museum, traveling

             3 years to museums nationwide with Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (S.I.T.E.S.), including The Queens Museum of Art, NY.

1991    Public in Private: Studio Work by 3 Public Artists. Janet Braun-Reinitz, Kristin Reed and Pamela Shoemaker. Houghton House Gallery,

            Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY.

1990    Images and Words: Artists Respond to AIDS. The Painted Bride Center, curated by Humberto Chavez, Philadelphia, PA.

1990    China: June 4th International Memorial Arts Festival. The Institute for Contemporary Art, P.S. 1, Long Island City, NY.

1989    If You Lived Here: Homeless, the Street and Other Venues. Curated by Martha Rosler, DIA Art Foundation, NYC.

1989    Lines of Vision. Curated by Judith Collischan Van Wagner, Hillwood Art Gallery, C.W. Post Campus, traveling to Blum Hellman, NY,

            and the National Women’s Museum, Washington, D.C.; Yale University; and Crocker Museum, Sacramento, CA.

1988    Herald Sq. Subway Art Competition: Winning Proposals and notable entries. Curated by Henry Geldzahler and Wendy Feuer. 

            Metropolitan Museum, NYC.

1988    Comment. Curated by director Dan Talley at Nexus Contemporary Arts Center, Atlanta, GA.

1988    Underground Art: Artmakers/MTA Creative Stations. Director of an Artmaker’s project to create a temporary gallery space in the

            Broadway/Lafayette subway station, SOHO, NYC.

1987    Concrete Crisis: Urban Images of the 80’s. Poster Art organized by PADD, at Exit Art Gallery, NYC.

1987    Las Americas: Toward a New Perspective. Photo exhibition curated by FOTOGRAFICA and juried by Cornell Capa, Lucy Lippard and

            Walter Rosenblum at The University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR and Longwood Arts Gallery, Bronx, NY.

1986    Mass: Group Material. Paintings in traveling exhibition which opened in Cleveland and ended at the The New Museum, NYC.

1986    Nicaragua: Three American Artists Represent/Report; Christy Rupp, Kristin Reed and Susan Mieselas. Curated by Benjamin Buchlow

            at The Emilie A. Wallace Gallery, SUNY, Old Westbury, NY.

1985    Mail Art Then and Now. Curated by Ronnie Cohen at Franklin Furnace, NYC.

1984    Artist’s Call Against Intervention in Central America. Curated by Lucy Lippard at Judson Memorial Church, NYC.

1984    Mimes and Miniatures. Drawings in Small Works Show curated by Dore Ashton at BACA Downtown Cultural Center, Brooklyn, NY.



2009–15  Chashama, Inc: Chashama Visual Arts Studio Award. Chashama’s visual arts program, Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT), Brooklyn, NY.

2009    NurtureArt: Education Outreach Award. Program selects and places visual artists in Brooklyn Middle Schools to teach art including a slide 

            lecture, hands-on workshop and a studio visit. Brooklyn, NY.

1998    Harvestworks: Media Residency Grant. Edit projected video for Michael Keck’s one-person play “Voices in The Rain,” NYC.

1991    Mid-Atlantic Foundation: Artist-In-Residence Grant. Awarded for Erie Art Museum Residency, Erie, PA.

1989    New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA). Project grant through ZONE, NYC. 

1988    Artist’s Space. Individual artist’s project grant, NYC.

1986    New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA). Manhattan Community Arts Fund. Individual artist’s project grant, NYC. 

1986    Art Matters. Project grant, NYC.

1980    Ford Foundation Studio Award. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY.

1979    Graduation with Distinction. Highest accolade offered by Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA.

1979    Art School Associates Award for Painting. Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA.



2014    Still Point Arts Quarterly. Fall Issue No. 15. Page 11. Edited by Christine Cotes

2012    Stone Voices: Art, Spirituality, Mindfulness, Creativity. Winter, Issue No. 6. Cover and pps. 44–53. Edited by Christine Cotes.

2009    On the Wall, Four Decades of Community Murals in New York City. Murals featured in recently released book by Janet Braun-Reinitz

           and Jane Weissman. See pg. 4 (Enchanted Garden Mural), pg. 96 (The Last Judgement), pg.142 (Diane Arbus portrait in Stars of the Bronx),

           pg. 194 (Fanny Lou Hamer portrait in When Women Pursue Justice).

1989    Lines of Vision: Drawings by Contemporary Women. Hardcover, Hudson Hills Press, NY; Judith Collischan Van Wagner. Pg. 114.

1986    Heresies: A Feminist Publication on Arts and Politics. Guest designed and produced Issue 20 on Arts Activism.



1982    MFA Painting. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY.

1979    BFA Painting. Massachusetts College of Art; Boston, MA.

1975-76    School of Visual Arts. Photography, Serigraphy, Painting; NYC.

1973    Instituto Allende. San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, Photography, Drawing, Painting, Lithography.



2008–11    Al Johnson Art, inc. Teaching classes in painting and drawing in a mentorship program for inner-city artists of all ages.

2010    A Community Mural Artist Presents. Slide lecture at Queens College, Queens, NY.

1989    The Public’s Art/Art in Public Places: A 3-Session Conference on Art and Activism. Slides and lecture as part of a panel with

            Martha Rosler and Mierle Ukeles. Organized by Alan Gussow at The Learning Alliance, NYC.

1987    Problems of Political Representation. Part of 6-member panel moderated by Benjamin Buchlow at The School of Visual Arts, NYC.

1986    The Scholar & Feminist Conference. Art & activism workshop with artist Robin Michals called “Images in Action” at Barnard College, NYC.

1986    Women & World Peace: Arts Activism—Culture vs. Politics. Roundtable workshop with slides and lecture at SUNY, New Paltz, NY. 

1986    Teach-In on Nicaragua. Slides and lecture on arts and culture in Nicaragua, at Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC. 

1986    Socialist Scholars Conference: Nicaragua—The Crisis Continues. Round Table workshop with slides and lecture at Borough of Manhattan

            Community College, NYC. 



MoMA. Collage work in Hand-To-Hand collection called “Surviving in New York Post 9/11,” NYC.

Erie Art Museum. Paintings in permanent collection, Erie, PA.

Southern Poverty Law Center. Painting in collection, Montgomery, AL.